Election results an unmatched victory for democracy in Alberta

It is time to rejoice not in the NDP victory in our province, but rejoice more so in the simple but indisputable fact we, the people, rule.

Dear Editor,

Readers, imagine you are Jim Prentice! Now imagine you are an idiot. But I repeat myself. (With apologies to Mark Twain.)

This is so very lasciviously lovely. It is time to rejoice. Rejoice not in the NDP victory in our province, but rejoice more so in the simple but indisputable fact we, the people, rule.

Congratulations to the voters Alberta. Many hearts dance with unadulterated ecstasy with our election results. Well done. This is an unmatched victory for democracy in this province.

Floor crossers and Prentice’s appointments hammered at the polls. Alberta voters, take a bow!

Politicians just have learned the electorate is more powerful than ivory towers and all the glitz and glitter that goes with it. The big bang you heard was the explosion of Prentice’s plan to take over as PM from Stephen Harper when he is done.

Thanks Jim for your brazen stupidity in calling an early election, your complete and total disregard for the electorate by accepting duly elected Wildrose MLAs, and for the absolute gall necessary to believe you and your cronies would not be punished for that disrespect.

And, finally, thanks for costing us thousands of dollars more by taking your ball and going home before the results were even finalized in your own riding. Does that cowardly quitter decision not remind you of the proverbial spoiled brat picked last for a playground pickup game? The action, again, speaks volumes of your me-me-me egotistical attitude with total disregard for your constituents or the electoral process.

Jim Prentice was never about the province. Jim Prentice was about Jim Prentice. Good riddance.

You’ve negotiated backroom deals with Danielle Smith before. Certainly she has room under her rock for you until this disaster passes? You two deserve each other.

And, Stephen Harper, Albertans had better not see Prentice in that hallowed hall of entitlement called the Senate.

And what of Danielle? “The NDP surge would have happened regardless of anything I did folks. This is why I said conservatives needed to reunite. I wasn’t joking,” she tweeted.

Yes, Hell may have officially frozen over and pigs may fly in Alberta with this election result, but Danielle is still as dumb as ever. She will not, or cannot, accept the fact she ignited this entire movement by treating the electorate like it was her own toy. The result fits her so nicely.

The thought of Danielle Smith as premier of Alberta is enough to send chills through the body. Her egomaniacal tunnel vision is frightening.

And to Kerry Towle, for whom so many people worked tirelessly and endlessly to get her elected as a Wildrose MLA and despite her steadfast “I spoke with my constituents” reasoning for her crossing the floor, I have but one question.

Did both constituents you spoke with agree, or did the decision whether or not you become a turncoat have to go to a tie breaker?

“If we were in a third-world country, people would be taking up arms. Let’s get off our asses and demand democracy be respected,” I wrote in letters to the editor columns in five newspapers after the floor crossings.

The piper has been paid. The electorate wins. Democracy wins. To those who contributed in any way to this ground-breaking experience, group hugs all around.

Bryan Goulding,