Emergency care facility more important than multiplex

Are you kidding me! A proposed second Multiplex at a tune of about $21 million?

Dear Editor,

Are you kidding me! A proposed second multiplex at a tune of about $21 million?

Is Sylvan Lake town council out of their mind? Mayor Susan Samson where is your head? Who thinks of this stuff?

An EMERGENCY CARE FACILITY!!!!, a life and death facility is what we need? First and foremost. Then the rest of the goodies that bring money to this town can come in, which are fine!

Residents of Sylvan Lake and surrounding area, stop supporting these unnecessary proposals and taxpayers monies. Get your priorities straight!

Is all this more important than the lives of human beings?

Just like you, I was not a voice, just a reader and an ear. Until I lost Brent, I did not realize just how vital an Emergency Care Facility for this town and surrounding area is. I have learned through this horrific experience that priorities are very important and by not placing your priorities in order of importance sometimes deadly. Support me! Help me get an Emergency Facility in town first!

Thank you so much in advance to all the support I have received and to all future help.

Annie Boychuk,

Sylvan Lake