Escort service is not what town needs; no benefits seen

I’m writing this letter in response to Michael Vandeweghe’s letter in the Mar. 7 edition.

Dear Editor,

I’m writing this letter in response to Michael Vandeweghe’s letter in the Mar. 7 edition.

I believe that an escort service is not what this town needs. Emotional feelings or not, I know a woman that runs an escort business and she has told me that they don’t advertise selling sex, just a companion, but whatever is done between the client and employee is outta her hands.

I have a lot of lonely friends too that have told me that yes they called one and had sex.

So Michael you can’t tell me you don’t know what goes on with an escort service. To say what you said it’s a load of bull hooey. Saying churches touch boys yes they have but not one known case in town here that I’ve seen, heard or read.

Yes McDonald’s is bad for your health but that’s food and we have known about it for years, but to say get rid of it is immature and I personally know you’re better than that.

Well, I think the mayor is bad for this town so should we get rid of her? No, the answer is no, this is why we vote to have a say and if the majority says let’s keep her then we go to meetings at the town office and voice our opinions to get her on our side.

Michael give me five reasons on how having an escort service in the Town of Sylvan Lake will benefit all citizens, other than monetary gain?

Tell me how it will make parents happy? Will it make children smarter and study harder in school? Will it stop people at the bars acting like gangsters and thugs, will it stop the drug problems? Will they help improve people’s attitudes about selling your body? How about this one … WOMEN’S SELF-RESPECT?!?!? Escorts are not good role models for the young women in this town.

This town is too small, everyone knows everyone else’s business, rumours fly faster than Superman on Red Bull. So tell me how will this business make money when people won’t use it for privacy issues?

And you can bet your bottom dollar the cops will be all over that thing looking for illegal activity. This town is too narrow minded to let that in.

Let’s try to improve upon the mistakes the council has made to our town and stop them from making more monster buildings on the lakefront.

This town already looks disgusting let’s not add more filth.

Kayla Tisdale,

Sylvan Lake