Escort services will erode values, safety of our young people

I find it hard to believe that I have to write a letter like this.

Dear Editor,

I find it hard to believe that I have to write a letter like this.

Most of the citizens of Sylvan Lake thought we were voting in good men and women who would protect family values in this town.

The beautiful walking trails and safe beaches have led me to believe that our mayor and council care about young and old here in Sylvan Lake.

Bringing in escort services will erode the values and safety of the young people of this town.

I worked in a group home for troubled teens in Red Deer for six years. A lot of the girls and some boys were sold for a bottle of whisky or some drugs by people they trusted. This led to confusion of who they were and if they were worth anything.

A lack of self-worth often leads to alcohol and drug use to cover the pain.

That leads to stealing to pay for the increased appetite for drugs. Peers look at their sisters, or brothers, and think that prostitution, let’s call it what it is, is glamorous easy money.

Escort services are a snare for our young people that serve selfish old men and women at our children’s’ expense!

Our teens may think that by our adult example, prostitution is a good career choice.

It is very destructive to any real relationship this person would try to have in their future. Think of your sons and your daughters.

We cannot stand by and allow escort services to be welcome in our town.

Mrs. Carolyn Vidok,

Sylvan Lake