Floor crossings have weakened Alberta’s democracy

This is a letter we’ve been wanting to write since Kerry Towle and other ‘Wildrose’ MLAs defected to the ruling PC government.

Dear Editor,

This is a letter we’ve been wanting to write since Kerry Towle and other ‘Wildrose’ MLAs defected to the ruling PC government.

We are tired of reading how Kerry Towle said that she discussed her decision with her constituents and had their support. We were not contacted by her or her office, nor did we receive a survey asking us our opinion on the topic. Exactly what constituents did she discuss this with? Her immediate family, who would support her regardless? Yet, she was hurt by the public outrage of her decision?

We both became interested in what the Wildrose Party was saying and what it stood for, and admired the leadership of Danielle Smith. Past dealings with the current Innisfail-Sylvan Lake MLA left us distrustful of her, BUT we voted for the party — not for the person. While Kerry Towle represented the Wildrose party and her portfolio of seniors critic, we started to think that maybe she had turned over a new leaf and was sincerely interested in the welfare of others. After her betrayal to her voters, we realized that it was all for her benefit, and aren’t at all surprised by her actions. Not wanting to single her out, we address all of the turncoats as crass opportunists who wanted on board the Tory Gravy Train.

On Sunday, we read in the Edmonton Sun that Danielle Smith is ‘surprised’ by the reaction of her constituents to her defection. Seriously? We thought that she was much smarter than that. How can anyone expect supporters who worked hard and helped get her elected to not feel upset at her turning her back on them.

These defectors say that they are doing what is best for their constituents. We challenge each and every one on that statement. What represents a good democracy is a government who has a strong opposition to keep them in check — and it’s our opinion that the current PC government definitely needs to be kept in check. By crossing over, they have all weakened Alberta’s democracy. The Wildrose Party seriously stepped up in its duty as the official opposition, and we are proud to say that we are members. With the history of the failed leadership in the PC party over the past while, who would be proud to say they are card-carrying PC members?

Defectors, you have hurt the party that you helped to build. You may have written a page in history, but the end of the story is not over. We voted for the WILDROSE Party, and we were all insulted by your defection. Apparently, your goal to enter into politics was not entirely based on helping the people of Alberta, but rather to look after to your own interests.

Lastly, to our fellow Wildrose supporters: if you want a strong and effective opposition, this is the time to step up and show your support. Don’t be afraid to stand up for the party. Donate your time or money. If you don’t have your membership yet, buy it. Get involved. Vote Wildrose. Don’t give up.

Just think … did you see any letters to the editor supporting their defections? It’s the party that we vote for. The people that left the party can go stand in the unemployment line.

We didn’t vote PC, so the current person holding that seat is NOT our MLA — nor does she represent us.

Craig and Brenda Perry,