Forget about gun control, give police more power to keep us safe

I only agree with one thing Mr. Mclean says in his letter in last week’s Sylvan Lake News.

Dear Editor,

I only agree with one thing Mr. Mclean says in his letter in last week’s Sylvan Lake News.

That it is a true tragedy! We lost three more true heroes.

But tell me how does gun control keep a fully automatic rifle out of a criminal’s hands? The only thing gun control does is keep it out of a law abiding citizen’s hands.

How many billions were spend on the long rifle legislation only to be scrapped? Just like your lock or your alarm system in your house, it keeps out only those who aren’t criminals.

The problem is the police forces in our country are not allowed to do what they need to do to keep themselves and law abiding citizens safe. No one will really know what happened that day but if the officers were allowed to do what they needed to do maybe one or two or all three might still be alive today.

As soon as that coward raised his rifle he should have had a bullet in his head. Now we get to take care of this coward as a ward of society for millions of dollars. Thank you bleeding hearts! You can’t shoot until fired upon.

He is walking around a neighbourhood with families and young children with two rifles, one of them being a assault rifle! I guarantee on 99 per cent of altercations with police officers you are in the wrong.

A young teenager a few years back runs away from the police only to be tackled and bruises his kidney. They say it was excessive. Why was he running? Again a new recruit his first weekend in Sylvan. He was working July first weekend. He gets punched by some drunk so he takes the drunk down. He gets in trouble for excessive force.

You tell me what do you expect when you run away from or swing at a police officer? Doesn’t that uniform and badge mean anything anymore? Not to punks and criminals.

So forget about legislating gun control, how about giving police the power to keep us safe.

Douglas Blatz,

Sylvan Lake