Give residents a Centennial gift

This is to all who Celebrate Sylvan Lake’s Centennial.

Dear Editor,

This is to all who Celebrate Sylvan Lake’s Centennial.

I quite like the idea that main street is now Centennial Street (especially because it was never actually main street, but 50 Street). Kudos to the town for putting that name in place!

In celebration of this, I also think we should now open Centennial Street all the way south to Hwy. 54 the way it has been for most of these 100 years.

I have heard stories of my husband’s grandfather bringing butter to town for sale back in the ’30s and ’40s, coming straight north on “Centennial Street” (Hwy. 781) from three miles south all the way downtown. He wouldn’t be able to do that on the current road, he’d have to go about six miles out of his way to accomplish that. Of course, there wouldn’t be much downtown to go to, as closing the road has also impacted our downtown’s viability.

Perhaps, to celebrate our centennial year, we could open the intersection of 11 and 781 (Centennial St.) and help our out downtown as well as our southern and western neighbours.

We need traffic lights or a roundabout there, not concrete barriers and restrictions. Province, town, are you listening to us? This is a centennial year for our town, here is a gift you can give the residents!

Allison Ammeter,

Sylvan Lake