Nerd Talk: Hello Doctor

Nerd Talk: Hello Doctor

The new lead actor for the BBC hit “Doctor Who” was announced on Sunday

July 16 was a big for fan of the long-running British television series “Doctor Who”.

After announcing his departure from the show back in January, the BBC began the search for his replacement.

The current Doctor – and he is know as the Doctor not Doctor Who, we really don’t want to start this fight – Peter Capaldi is the 12th actor to play the role of the Doctor since 1963.

The kind of wonderful thing about Doctor Who is the actors who have played him in the past. You see when one actor decides it is time to move on, the show doesn’t end or find another actor who looks sort of, kinda like hime.

No, instead the producers of the show decided to embrace each new actor, which has allowed the show to continue for more than 50 years.

How do they embrace a new actor in the same role? In the most sci-fi way possible.

The character simply regenerates into an entirely new person while still retaining all the old memories.

Oh the joy of being a 2,000 year spaceman, or woman as the case may be.

Now, as stated earlier, Capaldi announced in January he was stepping away, and his regeneration would take place in the annual Christmas special. The question for the past six months has been who will take over?

Rumours have flown from one extreme to another. Some really wanted to see the return of an old companion as the Doctor. After all, Capaldi himself did appear in an episode of “Doctor Who” during the era of David Tennant, why couldn’t another familiar face show up.

As expected the internet went wild with speculation.

The loudest voices where those who were dismayed at the possibility of seeing yet another white man in the role of the Doctor.

“I want the Doctor to be a woman!” many screamed. Well I assume they screamed as their comments were generally written in all caps.

Many wanted to see a person of colour, some other ethnicity than white, British man.

Personally, I’m still waiting for the Doctor to be ginger. He has been waiting for a long while to finally have beautiful, red hair. Don’t believe me? Just check out the introduction to Ten, played by fan favourite David Tennant.

But it was announced on Sunday who would be taking over the Tardis, and I think it was a shock for many.

Jodie Whittaker, most well known for the amazing British detective drama “Broadchurch”, was announced as the 13th Doctor.

Fans have gone crazy since the announcement Sunday morning. Most people are excited, I think, though there are those few loud voice who are very, very vocal about their displeasure.

I think a woman playing the Doctor will bring a different feel to the show. I hope the new showrunner, thank any deity listening that Stephen Moffat is finally going away, will learn from these last few seasons and go in a new direction.

It is a new era for “Doctor Who”, embrace it.

The one thing I ask, if you are listening Chris Chibnall – who was also the showrunner on “Broadchurch” interestingly enough, is that you step away from the companion falling in love with the Doctor.

It has happened far too many times since the shows revival in 2005 with Christopher Eccleson; the companion falls in love with the Doctor only to be rebuffed and ultimately resent him for it.

With a new Doctor, lets look at other themes and ideas, shall we. Why does it have to romantic love? Can’t it be familial love? On that note, I would love to see the new companion be Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter from seasons ago. I think that would be brilliant.

I am sure Whittaker will do a fabulous job, and if she dyes her hair red, so much the better.

Was she my first choice for the Doctor? No, that was Richard Ayoade from “The IT Crowd.”

My hope will go on, one day Mr. Ayoade will bring his truly awkward self to the small screen as the Doctor, I can feel it.

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