Inspired youth inspire others

Another successful year of HEROES has come to a close.

Dear Editor,

Another successful year of HEROES has come to a close.

HEROES® is a simple but effective twelve-session character education experience that helps our Grade 7 and 8 students see what’s already inside them – GREATNESS!!

HEROES doesn’t focus on changing behaviour or teaching certain skills because evidence has shown that positive behavior follows a positive self-concept, therefore the HEROES program celebrates every student’s existing strengths — there individual unique gifts and abilities not their weaknesses or problems.

This strength-based focus, welcomes a safe and inviting conversation that empowers and releases our youth to make positive change in themselves and in others regardless of their circumstance or environment.

The program couldn’t have happened without the following help: Sylvan Lake Rotary Club and Sylvan Lake Endowment fund which gave $2,700, Tim Hortons which gave 20 cases of water for the purpose of classroom illustration and reward, and Sylvan Lake Community Partners, Gospel Chapel, the staff of École Fox Run School and École Mother Teresa School who gave endless support and encouragement throughout the year.

If you would like to learn more about the HEROES program please go to or contact Julian Price at

HEROES facilitators,

Julian & Kyla Price