Last thing we need is parking meters installed; public being gouged enough

I was sorry to read the comments of Paul Jackson in your recent issue.

Dear Editor,

I was sorry to read the comments of Paul Jackson in your recent issue.

I believe Sylvan Lake town council should go ahead and expand and enhance our beautiful community’s beach, for the benefit of all men, women and children who live here.

I can remember when families looked forward to going to the lake, as it was the one thing you could do and enjoy because it didn’t cost a lot of money. The family picnic was the highlight whichcould be a potluck of mom’s potato salad, fried chicken and goodies all homemade.

As for the out-of-towners not supporting the town, that is not altogether true.

Since when are visitors to our area obligated to spend money?

Many are struggling in these hard economic times just to drive here what with the price of gas.

In some cases families would like to eat out, but when you look at the menu and the cheapest plate is $10 if you’re lucky, and there are four or fourteen of you, do the math.

Maybe town council’s tax on vendors should be reduced, so that they could come down on these prices.

Then if you want to launch a boat it costs $40 to put it in. There has been talk of making Sylvan Lake a private lake. If they keep building the way they are, soon you won’t be able to see the lake.

The last thing we need is parking meters installed. I think that the public is being gouged enough.

I hope that those visiting will not take offence at the narrow selfish comments that have been expressed.

Let’s learn to live and let live.

Suzanne Kinder,

Sylvan Lake