Let’s all grow our community together

Every Thursday we look forward to reading the Sylvan Lake News.

Dear Editor,

Every Thursday we look forward to reading the Sylvan Lake News. Of course each week we read “Letters to the Editor”. It always amazes me to read letters to the editor from the same people. These same people always have a critical opinion no matter what the topic is. Lakeshore, beach, over spending by council, fire trucks, toilets and the downtown.

These people have become … judge and jury. These people have become self-appointed judge and jury. Monday October 21st will be the town election. Interesting these people, I will call judge and jury won’t run for town council or mayor. They feel by sitting in the bleachers or the stands they get a better perspective and write letters to the editor.

At times the editor can be judge and jury and write their slant on issues. Steve is a tireless hard working individual and weekly showcases a great community. What a great newspaper the Sylvan Lake News.

Sylvan Lake is a great community, over 13,000 residents and an average age of 37, it is one of the best places to live in Canada. Each of us have a responsibility to build up the community, add value, pray for those in authority. Not just be a writer but do something to make Sylvan Lake a better place. Sylvan Lake is a community for all seasons. Every weekend Lakeshore and the beach area was packed this summer. Parking lots were full and both the sand and grassed areas were packed at the beach.

Those who came to the beach were so happy. Free parking and no charge beach. The Lakeshore is a beautiful drive and you get to enjoy the drive at 30 kph. What a way to smell the roses.

Let’s all grow our community together — be less of a judge and jury. Sylvan Lake needs more team players and cheer leaders … will you be one of them?

Steve Rowe,

Sylvan Lake