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Mediated meeting between council, MLA should be open to public paying the bill

I am amazed reading the quotes from our mayor in recent issues of Sylvan Lake News.

Dear Editor,

I am amazed reading the quotes from our mayor in recent issues of Sylvan Lake News.

Mayor Samson is a supporter of urgent care and that is great as I fully support that goal — she said around 500 people showed up at the community centre for that effort and she did not understand how Alberta Health Services (AHS) could ignore those people.

Mayor Samson, you now know how approximately 500 people who showed up at the community centre to voice their concern over intersection 781-11 feel. I find it strange that that many people showed up at the community centre, none of whom received a personal invitation. However, even with the meeting advertised in the Sylvan Lake News for two weeks prior, not one councillor or town representative attended this important forum, even though you were out of province.

You and council have no problem appearing at photo ops like ground breaking, ribbon cutting, or cheque presentations. But you did take time to call our MLA before council, chastising her for telling the truth; you do not support lights at the intersection and will not despite a 4,000 plus petition and the continued outcry from your taxpayers.

You were quoted in last week’s newspaper saying that we should embrace change, and in regards to the good things in Sylvan Lake, well the glass is half full. We have a new MLA, Kerry Towle, and she is doing what an elected representative should do. She listens to the will of the people and fights for us with everything she has. I realize this is a change from the previous MLA, but Mayor Samson it is time for you to embrace change, but you are not doing that.

Instead, a mediator has been requested by town council to facilitate a meeting with our MLA Towle. It is unbelievable that the taxpayers would have to pay for a mediator because you and council cannot sit down and talk to our elected MLA.

I offer two suggestions; the meeting with the MLA should be open to the public since we are paying for the mediator, and you and council should personally pay for the mediator since you are unable to be adults and talk with our MLA. It is a sad statement on politics in our town. Will you need a mediator for every conversation with our MLA?

I am also concerned, like many others, that a letter wrongly criticizing MLA Towle was posted on the town’s website and signed, ‘The Town of Sylvan Lake’. I am part of the Town of Sylvan Lake and I was not asked my opinion, nor was anyone else I know. That type of letter should have been signed, Mayor Samson and any councillor who felt that letter was correct. I assume all councillors must have agreed with that letter, as none have stepped forward, nor written a letter to the editor against it.

We look to embrace proper changes, support the people.

These are the opinions of one citizen, take the time to express yours!

Wendy Morris,

Sylvan Lake

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