MLA Report: Taking care of urgent care

MLA Don Macintyre celebrates health care milestone in Sylvan Lake

MLA Don Macintyre  Innisfail-Sylvan Lake

MLA Don Macintyre Innisfail-Sylvan Lake

It is such a pleasure to be able to recognize the network of individuals who got together to realize the dream for urgent care in Sylvan Lake.

It took no amount of small work on the part of Susan Samson and the Urgent Care Committee to cast the vision and build the framework for this endeavor to take flight. Resilience, passion and courage are what it takes to be able to present a plan relentlessly, in the face of constant resistance and adjustments no less. I am proud to be able to convey a great amount of honour to these individuals for their persistent pursuit to obtain the prize.

Of course, without the backing and generosity of the town council and the people of Sylvan Lake, all that hard work would fall flat. However, this town is made up of individuals who aren’t satisfied just reading about legends, they work with each other and create them. Because of you, the people, Sylvan Lake is on the map, and not just the Alberta Health Services Zone Map. Together we have made Sylvan Lake one of the most attractive destinations in Central Alberta, which continues to strengthen our local economy for everyone’s benefit.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also give credit where credit is due in the government departments. On this memorable occasion, I thank the Honourable Ms. Hoffman for hearing the concerns expressed by our citizens and myself, and for fully backing a worthy project regardless of which political party represents this constituency. We are ahead when we stand together.

Finally, where would we be without the men and women, doctors, nurses, EMS, receptionists, maintenance workers and janitors who will now be taking on the burden to keep this vision of Urgent Care in Sylvan Lake alive and thriving? A current and continuous thank you goes out to the hard work, time and effort of these individuals. We do not take for granted the role that you take; one that we have all fought for and take pride in. Your success is our success. Together we are taking care of Urgent Care.