Need to work together to prevent thieving element in our community

The Grinch is alive and well and living in Sylvan Lake.

Dear Editor,

The Grinch is alive and well and living in Sylvan Lake.

Prior to the Christmas season, my son-in-law, at great expense of time and money, put together the beginnings of an elaborate Christmas light display for his front yard on Lakeway Blvd. For the past month he has received many compliments on the display from his neighbours. The dancing, coloured lights have also brought much enjoyment to my grandchildren.

Sadly, through the night, the Grinch came and stole the entire display, denying the neighbourhood and my grandchildren the joy of yet another well-lit home in their vicinity. Sorrowfully, every community has its element that believes it is acceptable to take what is not theirs to further their own degenerate lifestyle.

This unfortunate incident has been reported to the RCMP and we would appreciate anyone witnessing the theft of this light display to do the same. We need to work together as a neighbourhood to eliminate the thieving element that has no regard for personal property.


Andy Puskas,

Sylvan Lake