No shame in denying development application

Single-family dwellings are being replaced with fourplex buildings with some relaxation allowed to the developer. The question is why?

Dear Editor,

My friend Bryna wrote a letter to the editor of the Sylvan Lake News July 2. This letter was with regards to her objection to MPC approving two single-family dwellings being replaced with two fourplex buildings with some relaxation allowed to the developer. The question is why?

I admire people who inform their neighbours and stick up for their neighbourhoods; that’s what makes communities stronger. Bryna is raising her family in a R2 residential area near the Sylvan Lake Lodge and Bethany Care Centre. Developers covenant these larger lots in this area for larger profit. She has been working to rally the neighbourhood to be a stronger voice in the area for controlled future development.

The developers will manipulate the rules to benefit themselves to build of the largest possible profit. Does this really suit the the long-term plan for the area near our Seniors Lodge and Bethany Centre? I operate a fourplex and know the effect on neighbourhoods — parking, garbage, traffic, noise. There would be no shame for this application to be denied at the appeal hearing July 21.

Bryna has hit on a good thing; let’s get a controlled build on the infill lots in older neighbourhoods; let the taxpayer have the say! What will the future look like around the Seniors Lodge and Bethany Care Centre? I support Bryna — I once lived in that neighbourhood. All the planners and planning department could not have made a better place to raise a family.

Good luck, Bryna and old neighbours and friends. You are defending what you know to be right.

Brenda Dale

Sylvan Lake