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Potential demise of cruise business will be a loss to town

We have owned a home in Sylvan for 12 years, and enjoyed the Zoo Cruise

Dear Editor,

We have owned a home in Sylvan for 12 years, and enjoyed the Zoo Cruise with grandchildren, other family, friends and service organizations.

In speaking with Cynthia, captain of our cruise, I asked her what percentage of her guests were tourists or locals. She indicated to me that about 75-80 per cent are tourists.

For many years we rented our tourist home to families from Canada, the USA and Europe. We always had Zoo Cruise brochures in our hand out packages for our guests.

The town initiated a tourist home bylaw that effectively turned the cabin rental business from over 100 cabins for rent in 2002, to the most recent stat of less than 30 licensed tourist homes. Well done!

When checking out, we always asked guests what they enjoyed or discovered in our town. Reviewing that information, the Zoo Cruise was mentioned in at least 37 per cent of replies.

What a shame that a valid legally binding lease agreement, that the owners of the Zoo Cruise have with the landlord, is deemed to not be important enough that our town council voted to approved the condo development, which will effectively close down this wonderful 20 year “special” experience that thousands have enjoyed.

Locals, we need you to speak to our members of council and the mayor and express concerns about this gross miscarriage of justice.

One less thing for the tourists and locals to enjoy. So sad!

Rene Jaspar,

Sylvan Lake