Protecting Canadians must remain a priority: Calkins

Our government is committed to the safety and protection of all Canadians; this is the most important task for any government.

Blaine Calkins


Our government is committed to the safety and protection of all Canadians; this is the most important task for any government. It takes strong leadership and courage to act when others would not, when faced with radical evil. The Prime Minister has stated that the Jihadi terrorists have declared war on Canada. One only has to notice the comments made by these radical terrorists to know this is true.

With the new session underway, there could be no greater distinction between our government and the opposition parties when it comes to the safety and security of Canadians.

The leader of the Liberal Party would have us only air drop parkas and warm clothing, then watch from the sidelines as defenseless people are hunted down and slaughtered for a difference of belief.  That position is unacceptable and un-Canadian. Canada has never stood idle when confronted with a global threat of evil.

Furthermore, the Liberal leader has disgraced our men and women in uniform with his cavalier comments regarding our fighter aircraft operations against ISIL. Canada does not simply whip out our F-18s to engage in conflicts; we take a measured approach that is consistent with our allies in order to ensure Canadians are safe. Canadians are being targeted by terrorists because we have built a society based upon basic human rights and freedoms, which these jihadists despise us for.

The situation around the world continues to threaten the safety of Canadians and it is crucial that our government stay the course and remains committed to putting forward legislation aimed at protecting Canadians. Since 2006, our government has listed numerous terrorist entities under the Criminal Code, passed the Justice for Victims of Terrorism, launched our Counter-Terrorism Strategy in 2012 entitled Building Resilience Against Terrorism, passed the Combating Terrorism Act, and we have tabled the Protection of Canada from Terrorist Act, which will stop those who promote terror by creating a new Criminal Code offence and give broader powers to our national security officials.

With this new legislation, the courts will be able to order the removal of terrorist propaganda online; CSIS, under judicial authority, will be able to intervene to prevent specific terror plots while in the planning stages, and will prevent terrorists from travelling by enabling the sharing of relevant information across federal departments and agencies.

Jihadi terrorism is not a human right; it is an act of war. The measures our government has introduced since 2006 will strengthen and protect the rights of Canadians against those Jihadi terrorists who seek to destroy the principles which make Canada the greatest country in the world.