Thanks, we really enjoyed your hospitality

Hello everyone in Sylvan Lake! What a lucky community you have.

Dear Editor,

Hello everyone in Sylvan Lake!

What a lucky community you have. I sure hope you realize that not all communities of your size have events like your town birthday celebrations that we attended last Saturday (June 9).

My husband and I, along with our two grandkids, made a stop in your fine town on our way to Alaska to drop off our grandbabies.

We are from Littlefield Texas and we listen to various community radio stations while travelling. Well didn’t we hear that you all were having some sort of celebration last Saturday. Having two young ones around makes granny a bit tired at times so we look for things to do with the wee ones.

We stopped in Sylvan Lake and some kind folks told us where the fun was happening. We arrived at the event and it looked like you were partying alright, as there was one load of young uns doing all kinds of fun things. My grandbabies wanted to get in as quickly as possible. What a smart idea those wrist bands, I didn’t have to worry that I would lose my two babies.

I let them go and I didn’t worry much for more than an hour when I fetched them. They were talking so fast about everything they had done and they even had some sort of dirt in a cupthat’s supposed to grow into beans?? All in all they had a great time.

I just wanted to thank all you good folks for letting us southern folks take in a bit of northern hospitality.

It was great to get some southern hospitality in the great north! Thank you, all you folks of Sylvan Lake and a big thank you for the folks that put on the party! We enjoyed ourselves!

Lottie Pierce,

On the road to Alaska!