The dynamics of recent times

To Members of the Legislative Assembly;

Writing to you today in the hopes that your ears are open and you might hear. At this very moment, your core base is engaged in a battle to save our nation. This core base is comprised of some of the most informed people regarding critical themes attempting to seize our nation. At this very moment, important conversations are being held at lightning speed across this land. I might suggest they have crossed the divide to which there is no return. What must be present in a man or woman to voluntarily sacrifice him or herself for another? The following attempts to answer this question.

Litmus test for truth

“Truth! What is truth?” This famous question suggests that truth cannot be known or in its less understood interpretation; the truth is worthwhile to pursue and is the ultimate journey for the hearts of mankind if they so choose. The love of money, self-promotion, and self-preservation often become the foes of truth and remain a challenge for all of mankind. Not one of us is completely free from this innate compulsion.

Presently a great divide exists in our country structured around a medical emergency. Battle lines are drawn and standing on both sides are accredited and accomplished doctors, scientists, politicians, governing agencies, and academia. Each side has deep convictions about the emergency and the solutions. On one side of the battle line, the prestigious members are well rewarded for their views and proposed solutions through both direct and indirect means. They stand to gain even further, both in prosperity and position. Still, other members exist in a state of self-preservation for they feel it is safer to conform to the popular narrative. The self-preservationist represents the overwhelming majority of this group. On the other side of the battle line, its membership stands in opposition to the popular narrative at their own peril. They have abandoned the notion of self-preservation and self-promotion for they indeed are facing financial ruin, loss of their careers, and prestigious acknowledgement in the academic community. What possess these men and women of this membership to face these circumstances and still stand strong, pressing forward in spite of the obvious consequences?

Litmus test of Light vs Darkness

Wherever you find the freedom you will find the spirit of light. Mankind was given free will to which they can choose their own destiny. The creator could have just as easily oppressed the occupants of this earth. Wherever there is freedom there is love. This holds true without exception. Profoundly divine, the gifts of freedom can never be fully understood in their purest form! Pursuit of truth in a free land will always lead to a prosperous, healthy, and functioning nation.

Wherever there is oppression, deception, and manipulation, the spirit of darkness will be found. These nefarious ideas disguised under the notion of “The Greater Good” is the ultimate deception. For truth and light always perseveres over time however deception and darkness is responsible for millions, if not billions of lives through atrocities committed since the beginning of mankind.

Our country, the beautiful land of Canada, the True North Strong and Free, from far and wide, the selfless and self-sacrificing are engaged in a battle for all of humanity.

Over the past two years we are witnessing in ourselves and in others the fear of speaking the truth. An act of self-preservation. This fear has gripped every institute of our society and it needs to stop. In the act of self-preservation, we could lose everything!

Today we must put our country first!

-Shane Strang, Okotoks, AB

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