Those looking after seniors in Sylvan facilities do an outstanding job

Recently it was brought to my attention by my local MLA that there is a problem with the quality of food served to our senior citizens

Dear Editor,

Recently it was brought to my attention by my local MLA that there is a problem with the quality of food served to our senior citizens in Alberta. While I cannot dispute this claim for the rest of Alberta, I can say, from people I have spoken to at our seniors care facility and our own family experience, that we are blessed with people in our community seniors facilities that prepare and serve meals as though they were serving their own parents! I have personally witnessed time and again the pride this team of cooks and servers takes in serving good food to the people that are lucky enough to get into our Sylvan Lake Seniors Lodge and our Bethany Care centre.

We lost our Mom a little over a year ago and were lucky, as a family, to get our Mom into the Lodge for her final months (it seems so surreal that she was gone so fast). The care she received, the housecleaning staff, food and beverage service staff, the recreation staff, the maintenance staff, the administrative staff, were as professional as anyone could ask for. They all, the entire team put together, do an outstanding job of trying to treat each person as their own parents!

I have never written a letter to the editor before and I sure hope I do not disappoint my teachers and family with this effort!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Leeann at Bethany and Dale and Carol at the Lodge for allowing me to put a few little flower boxes around their buildings for the seniors to putter around with. I would also like to thank these local people and their businesses for the donations of soil, compost, peat moss, washed rock and bedding plants.

Thanks to Dan and Sandy at Rona and Greg, Paul and Anita at Canadian Tire for the above donations. We all miss Gerry and his team at our downtown local hardware store but realize parking downtown was and still is a problem, but these businesses are still employing our local people and they all continue to do all they can to support our seniors — thanks again you people for all you do.

On an entirely different topic, I recently lost a man I was proud to call my friend. His name was Brent Boychuk and he was an honourable man that lived an honourable life.

I do not know if an urgent care centre could have saved his life, but I do know that not having one certainly didn’t! No child should have to try to be saving their own parent’s life. Brianne, your father was, and I know, continues to be very proud of you. We all know you will be a wonderful addition to the world of medicine.

It is a high price this family has paid to ask those in government, local and provincial, why there are medical facilities in almost all the small towns around us but not here?

Brian Albert,

Sylvan Lake