Upgrades and Renovations at the Sylvan Lake Municipal Library

A new shelf added to the library. Submitted photo

A new shelf added to the library. Submitted photo

Exciting improvements are ongoing at your Library.

In the last couple of years, the Sylvan Lake Municipal Library has seen many impressive changes and upgrades. Clutter and extra shelves were removed, opening up the library to the welcoming space we have now. Certain areas of the library were re-painted, brightening up our walls. The patron holds shelf was moved from behind the staff area into the public area so that patrons could access their own material requests that arrive from outside of Sylvan Lake. Patrons can grab their requested materials off the self-serve shelf and continue to browse our collection. When they are ready to check out, they can bring everything to the desk at once. This move to self-serve hold pick up has been welcomed by our community.

Additionally, thanks to generous funds from our friends group, our program room received a brand-new audiovisual system complete with a wall-shaking surround sound speakers. We now have the capability to screen movies on our large screen, plus this upgraded technology is ideal for external groups needing a space to host meetings and deliver high-quality presentations.

So, what’s coming next?

We are thrilled to be receiving new flooring to our public area of the library. Currently, we have carpet tiles that are in desperate need of replacement. Since carpet tiles get wet, stained and are difficult to clean, we have opted for a durable linoleum flooring to replace all our public carpet tiles. This change will make it so much easier to mop up messes that often occur in our space. If you are familiar with our children’s programs, you will know that pasta, pudding, paint, and marshmallows are just a few of the items that get tracked through the library. Not to mention snow, during the colder winter months.

The new flooring will be installed during June 13 to June 26. Please be advised, the library will be closed to the public while the flooring is being replaced. Many thanks to the Town of Sylvan Lake for helping us with this project and further beautifying our library.

We have also ordered new shelving for our children’s area. The new shelves will be bright, functional and since they will be on wheels, they will be easy to move out of the way for library functions. If you have seen our “new book” display shelf with the fuchsia canopy, the new children’s shelving will be very similar in style and design.

One of the four strategic objectives for the library is to visit a comfortable space. I think we are kicking this one out of the park.

— Submitted by Andrea Newland, Sylvan Lake Municipal Library Director