Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote and vote

Sylvan Lake needs the support of each and every resident 13 years of age or over.

Sylvan Lake needs the support of each and every resident 13 years of age or over. And all your friends and acquaintances.

We’re in a contest of immense proportions in our campaign to win the title of Kraft Hockeyville 2014 and the prizes that go with that title — $100,000 for arena upgrades, a pre-season NHL game, and national publicity on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada.

On Saturday night, we fully expect to be named as one of the top 16 communities, based on the many wonderful stories and pictures that were shared during the opening round of this contest. Watch Hockey Night in Canada for the announcement which we believe will propel our community spirit to new heights as we bond together to accomplish our goal.

Following the announcement begins an intense 48-hour round of voting to narrow the field down to the top four communities — two in the east and two in the west.

During the 48 hours, beginning at 8 p.m. Saturday night, we need to secure as many votes as possible so that we move on in this competition. You can vote as many times as you want during the voting period.

We know our community can do this. We can rally the support needed from within and outside. We can build alliances across the country, encourage friends and family far and near to get involved in this campaign.

Already we’ve seen community groups coming together, volunteers getting excitedly involved and lots of interesting ideas on how to increase our chances of winning the competition.

But it doesn’t stop on Monday night. Once we’ve been named to the top four, there’s another round of voting. Watch Hockey Night in Canada next Saturday (Mar. 15) to see who’s left when the list is narrowed to four. Then vote again and again and again for Sylvan Lake.

The final announcement of the top two is scheduled for the Hockey Night in Canada game on Mar. 22. Again there’s a condensed voting period where Sylvan Lake (of course we’ll be there) needs to rally as much support as possible to win the ultimate prize. We estimate millions of votes will be needed.

Sylvan Lakers, we believe the goal is attainable and we’re the community to win. Do your part. Begin right now by phoning, emailing, Facebooking or otherwise contacting all your friends, family, suppliers, business acquaintances and others and asking them to support Sylvan Lake. Then stand by ready to vote beginning Saturday night.

As committee organizer Graham Parsons said, “our whole goal is to bring national attention to our town and to bring our community together.” This campaign and the effort expended will do that. Please take part.