Washrooms should be open longer hours: resident

The sun rises early these days − and so do many residents who enjoy the solitude of the lakeshore

The sun rises early these days − and so do many residents who enjoy the solitude of the lakeshore, strolling, jogging or just sitting and watching.

Work over the past few years has made the area an attractive place to recreate, rejuvenate and relax.

It’s amazing how many people are out and about as early as 6 a.m. in the morning. But it shouldn’t be. We’ve worked hard, as a community, to encourage healthy lifestyles and provide places for people to enjoy themselves.

So, this week when we talked to an agitated long-time resident, we were surprised at his concern.

It was that the washrooms in the provincial park weren’t open early enough to be used by these many people. Same thing in the evening, he said.

We have to agree. Now that summer’s here, and there’s bright, warming sun for many more hours a day, perhaps the hours of our facilities should mirror the hours of sunlight.

Hopefully the town, which recently got a contract from the provincial government for maintenance in the park, will take note and consider opening earlier and keeping the washrooms open later.

Three day postal delivery?

There once was a day when we waited expectantly for mail to arrive in our box at the post office. Growing up in small town Canada, it was a pleasure to receive letters from afar.

Then in some larger communities, particularly in Eastern Canada, delivery was right to our door. Wow, that was something. We wrote letters, received replies, ordered things, all through the mail.

Now we hear talk about Canada Post phasing out its letter carrier delivery to households and instead delivering to super boxes. One of the reasons for this was so seniors can get out of their homes and stroll down the street, perhaps talking to their neighbours as they pass.

We don’t know what all the fuss is about. They could even reduce delivery to three days a week, instead of five, and we wouldn’t worry. In fact, we probably only make it to our mailbox once or twice a week and it’s just down the hall.

The reason − there’s nothing left to interest us in the mail. A couple magazines, some bills (which we could divert to electronic delivery), and a couple of flyers which for apartment dwellers have nothing of interest.

It’s amazing how time and progress have changed our pleasures. Now we await email messages − perhaps text much too often, and are bombarded with messages in so many different ways. We must be getting older.