We’ll cherish memories of when Sylvan was best lake in Alberta

Letters to the editor serve a purpose of expression of opinions by private citizens on various matters.

Dear Editor,

Letters to the editor serve a purpose of expression of opinions by private citizens on various matters. However, the most recent letters have fallen into the category of public bickering.

A letter writer was chastised for using the term ‘Lady Mayor’ in reference to our female town council leader. This is not a term of reference involved gender, but rather a note of position. If it was a male he would be referred to in his esteemed position as ‘Lord Mayor’. This was common practise in past history. There are men and women. There are lords and ladies. We have ‘Lady Mayor Susan Samson’, a woman of distinction held in high esteem.

It is common knowledge the various levels of government decide the management of lakes and their operation. No one is suggesting that the town council can make a decision to lower water levels and order it done. However, the local civic government is the only influential body we, as taxpayers, can appeal to and encourage to work diligently to influence provincial and federal governments to take action that will save our lake and town.

I first experienced the glory and beauty of Sylvan Lake some 55 years ago. In all of the ensuing years in discussion re: the lake, I have never heard anyone suggest that the lake was too low. There were never complaints, as suggested, regarding this aspect of the lake.

Individuals commenting on our lake have been here a long time, whereas others making statements about the lake and residents’ concern as recent arrivals did not experience Sylvan Lake at its best and cannot meaningfully compare and critique.

We have what we have. The cluttered lake front beyond 40th Street and east is disappointing. Sylvan Lake Provincial Park is cluttered and in disarray. If this is what we have and are going to have, so be it. We’ll live with it and cherish the memories of Sylvan Lake when it indeed was the best lake in Alberta.

Arnie Enger,

37th St. summer resident,

Sylvan Lake