Why no berm and fence along Hewlett Park’s Highway 20 frontage?

This letter is in response to Lynn McNish’s letter in the Sept. 19th issue.

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to Lynn McNish’s letter in the Sept. 19th issue.

You asked if you were the only one who noticed this and my answer to you is NO. I question why it looks like this as well. I own two properties that back onto Highway 20 and trust me, this has become very personal to me.

The sight of the junk yard has got to be the worst looking thing to wake up to everyday. Over the years, you get used to it, but why should I even have to psychologically adjust my eyesight to overlook someone’s lack of attention to details.

The developer of this area was clearly given a green light, without taking a few things into consideration. What about: the view? the noise? the traffic? the safety of children? that these future homeowners will have to endure. Clearly something got missed in the approval of this subdivision.

Now the industrial area east of Highway 20 is only getting bigger. Also, once the proposed industrial-commercial area north of the traffic circle begins, the increased traffic will only add to this problem. Not to mention all of the retail commercial space that is still available west of Wal-Mart.

I’m glad that someone was on the ball when Ryders Ridge was approved. The nice berm and sturdy fence that is being built will sure benefit anyone who purchases a home backing onto Highway 20. Now why aren’t the residents affected north of Herder Drive allowed the same comfort and peace of mind?

Annick Baldwin,

Sylvan Lake