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Grade 6, 7, and 8 students at École Fox Run School participated in their annual track and field meet May 27 after the event was postponed

Grade 6, 7, and 8 students at École Fox Run School participated in their annual track and field meet May 27 after the event was postponed the previous Friday due to inclement weather.

Following are the results in first to fourth order.

Grade 6 boys

Discus – Hunter Wheaton, Noah Carlson, Michael Johanson, Caleb Berge.

Shot Put – Jacob Berdahl, Kyle Richmond, Mike Johanson, Brandon Berkie.

Javelin – Cameron Tubbs, Dylan Mimnagh, Noah Carlson, Kody Wold.

Long jump – Jacob Berdahl, Rees Degenhardt, Cameron Tubbs, Tristan Crich.

Triple jump – Jacob Berdahl, Sloan Garritty, Spencer Petkau.

High jump – Zach Daniels, and tied for second were Kyle Richmond, Ethan

Lambert, Tristan Crich, Walker Stevenson, Hunter Wheaton, Noah Carlson.

100 metre – Kyle Richmond, Zach Daniels, Ethan Lambert, Blake Forester.

200 metre – Zach Daniels, Logan Cressey,Tristan Hess, Tanner Hoefner.

400 metre – Cameron Tubbs, Logan Cressey, Rees Degenhardt, Josh Lane.

Hurdles – Walker Stevenson, Blake Forrester, Rees Degenhardt, Marc Sieb.

Bander jump – Jackson Dyrland, Connor Crawford, Cullan Flanagan, Dakota Pan.

Grade 6 girls

Discus – Jaiden Renner, Jaidra Russell, Henna Bray, Jordyn Hiscox.

Shot put – Serita Lonesinger, Jaidra Russell, Mackenna Dunlop, Jessica Murray.

Javelin – Jaiden Renner, Taegan Asham, Therese Johnson.

Long jump – Baylie Kennedy, Jordyn Hiscox, Sam Arsenault.

Triple jump – Hana Lockyear, Alyssa McGregor, Gracie Mack, Hanna Sigfusson.

High jump – Jenna Meier, Mataya Rideout, Tori Elsbett, Isabelle Fothergill.

100 metre – Jenna Meier, Mattaya Morgan, Jordan McLean.

200 metre – Bailee Kennedy, Laila Watson, Madi Lynch, Amber House.

400 metre – Kadey Rosie, Madison Roth, Amber Chenier

Hurdles – Baylie Kennedy, Mataya Rideout, Hana Lockyear, Kadey Rosie.

Bander jump – Jenna Meier, Mataya Rideout, Tori Elsbett.

Grade 7 boys

Discus – Kyle Bennett, Keiren Jackson, Steven Arthur, Logan Kreck.

Shot put – John Johanson, Jared Kuhn, Ayden Carley, Steven Arthur.

Javelin – Patrick Bennett, Adam Sylvester, Everett Jeffries, Kale Seelen.

Long jump – Kale Seelen, Jace Martin, Brett Zenert, and tied Rhett Jensen and Kyle Zenert.

Triple jump – Blake Carrick, Rylan Gyori, Brayden Laturnus. Matthew Young.

High jump – Dylan Hilman, Jace Martin.

100 metre – Chasten Snelgrove, Everett Jefferies, Kyle Zenert, Patrick Bennett.

200 metre – Kale Seelen, Dylan Hilman, Kyle Zenert, Adam Sylvester.

400 metre – Everitt Jeffries, Rhett Jensen, MacGregor Manyluk, Steven Arthur.

Hurdles – Jace Martin, Rhett Jensen, Patrick Bennett, Brandon Lafferty.

Bander jump – Brayden Laturnus, Andrew Bennett, Jared Lauder, Max Crocker.

Grade 7 girls

Discus – Ally De Jonge, Kaitlyn Butt. Serena Scott, Emilee Noble.

Shot put – Brandi Steinman, Megan Steenberger, Ashley Demarche, Marley McBride.

Javelin – Lauren Wood, Kamryn Mollins, Gianna Lal, McKenna Kostyniuk.

Long jump – Kamryn Mollin, Bronwyn Jones, Shae Silljer, Brandy Steimen.

Triple jump – Daria Kostiuk, Megan Steenbergen, Ashley Demarsch, Bryn O’Brien.

High jump – Megan Koch, Erika Stenlund, Shae Silljer.

100 metre – Megan Cressey, Megan Steenbergen, Desari Forster, Allie Kondor.

200 metre – Brea Ives, Miranda Chambers, Ashley McCullough, Marissa Lee.

400 metre – Bronwyn Jones, Megan Cressey, Allison Kondor, Kayla Rosie.

Hurdles – Hunter Ghesquiere, Megan Cressey, Brandy Steiman, Ali Kondor.

Bander jump – Marley McBride, Serena Scott, Hannah Lynn, Kayla Northam.

Grade 8 boys

Discus – Liam Pafford, Johnny Payne, Levi Davies, Dallon Riches.

Shot put – Michael Smyth, Trysten Kolher, Nick Haworth, Dallon Riches.

Javelin – tied for first Tristan Tubbs and Dannie Hoover, Cameron Nemish, Dawson Stanton.

Long jump – Dawson Stanton, Tyrese Hamilton, Nick Haworth, Hunter Macdonald.

Triple jump – Liam Pafford, Reia Arman, Liam Edgecombe, Maci Chambers.

High jump – Michael Smyth, Ty Hamilton, Jerryd Wold, Ryan Arnold.

100 metre – Tristan Koller, Nick Haworth, Ryan Arnold and Donnie Hoover tied for third, and Max Kaminski.

200 metre – Tyrese Hamilton, Tristan Koller, Grayson Nemish, Liam Pafford.

400 metre – Michael Smyth, Josh Howse, Landon Siegle, Hunter McDonald.

Hurdles – Jerryd Wold, Rayden Thomas, Nolen Gustain, Blake Chmil.

Bander jump – Nolan Gustum, Sheldon Trudel, Dawson Stanton, Landon Siegle.

Grade 8 girls

Discus – Paige Hagel, Shyrina Tarnaster, Melissa Veale, Emily Eckenswiller.

Shot put – Bailey Gainor, Bailey Kentz, Makayler Bellar, Sydney Oliver McCredy.

Javelin – Erin Mathews, Erin Bryenton, Kris Lee Deslaurier, Alex Cadman.

Long jump – Kris Lee Deslaurier, Julia Beam, Brooklyn Johnston, Summer Larson.

Triple jump – Erin Matthews, Julie Olive, Page Hagel, Victoria Matejka.

High jump – Maddie Dodman, Shyrina Tamasky and Jordan Shaw tied for second.

100 metre – Jordyn Shaw, Erin Bryenton, Kris Lee Deslaurier, Gabby Lacroix.

200 metre – Madison Dodman, Summer Larsen, Kyndal Cutforth, Paige Hagel.

400 metre – Erin Matthews, Bailey Kentz, Summer Larson, Lachlyn Martens.

Hurdles – Jordan Shaw, Shaye Stein, Alex Cadman, Leah Hagel.

Bander jump – Erin Matthews, Kyndal Cutforth, Regan Gisler, Caitlyn O’Connor.

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