BANTAM EAGLES - The Bantam Eagles look to improve on their current .500 record.

BANTAM EAGLES - The Bantam Eagles look to improve on their current .500 record.

Bantam Eagles currently .500 on season

Despite missing two games, the Bantam Eagles have strong wins matched with close losses, this season.

The bantam Eagles’ baseball season is even-Steven so far, despite the team missing two games due to scheduling and the spring storm that blew through Central Alberta on May 24.

“They are .500 currently,” Coach Amy Brown said. “It’s too early to tell where we are, because we have missed two games already due to weather and scheduling but 50 per cent is nothing to cry over. And the [games] we have lost we haven’t lost by much. The ones that we won was by quite a bit.”

Brown is coaching a young team consisting of both veterans and first-year ball players.

“There is still a lot of learning needed for a lot of the boys, but they seem to have meshed very well,” Brown said. “All the kids get along real well and jive as a team really well so that really helps make plays. Some of them have a really good grasp of the game and for some of them, it is their first year ever playing.”

Due to the multiplicity of skill levels, Brown’s coaching staff needs to hone in during games to identify player development.

“We need to really watch the kids during games and practise time to see what their strengths and weaknesses are,” she said. “You can focus in on the things they may need special attention on.”

The missed games have led to the Eagles in decent position despite not exactly knowing where they stand in the Central Alberta Baseball League.

“It’s hard to tell. I haven’t seen all the scores yet and too many we haven’t played yet,” Brown said.

This year’s playoff format will double as the Eagles’ sole tournament this year meaning every game in that final tournament will be meaningful.

“I’m actually not sure we will do any tournaments this year because the end of the year will be done in a tournament format,” Brown said. “I think that will fulfill the tournament criteria.”

The Eagles also managed to dodge some officiating issues, after volunteers from Eckville stepped up to help out.

“We have managed to find some people to umpire our games and some of the kids on our team are doing some of the younger teams. It has worked out okay,” Brown said.

She added that “home games are Monday or Wednesday nights and it would be great if people came out and watched.”