Fox Run, Cody students showed well at CENNA track and field meet

Individual Sylvan Lake students won aggregate medals and teams did well during the Chinook’s Edge North Athletic Association

Individual Sylvan Lake students won aggregate medals and teams did well during the Chinook’s Edge North Athletic Association (CENNA) track and field meet at Lindsay Thurber High School on June 3.

École Fox Run School’s team finished with 310 points to top the 2J schools category while École H. J. Cody School’s team garnered 121 points to finish second behind Innisfail Jr./Sr. High which has 185 points in the 4J schools category.

Representing Fox Run Grade 7 students, Bailey Kennedy received a silver girls aggregate medal, Kyle Richmond won a boys gold aggregate, Logan Roberts, Zach Daniels and Ethan Weberg tied for silver aggregate medals and Walker Stevenson and Jared Arnold won bronze aggregate medals.

In Grade 8 aggregate totals, Fox Run students were among the gold winners. Megan Steenbergan took gold in the girls category while Chasten Snelgrove took gold in the boys category and Dylan Hilman won bronze.

H. J. Cody students Erin Bryenton (silver) and Ty Hamilton (silver) won aggregate medals in the Grade 9 category.

In individual competitions the following Fox Run students were successful.

Grade 7 boys

Discus – Caleb Berg (second). Javelin – Jared Arnold (first). High jump – Ethan Weberg (first), Jared Arnold (second). Triple jump – Rees Degenhardt (fourth). 100m – Kyle Richmond (first), Ethan Weberg (third). 200m – Ethan Weberg (third), Zach Daniels (fourth). 400m – Zach Daniels (first), Logan Roberts (third). 800m – Kyle Richmond (first), Zach Daniels (second).  1500m – Kyle Richmond (first), Logan Roberts (second). Hurdles – Walker Stevenson (first), Logan Roberts (second). Relay – Fox Run (first).

Grade 7 girls

Discus – Jordyn Hiscox (third). Shot put – Jordyn Hiscox (third). Javelin – Jordyn Hiscox (fourth). Long jump – Bailey Kennedy (second). Triple jump – Alyssa McGregorer. 100m – Bailey Kennedy (first), Casey Dolan (fourth). 200m – Bailey Kennedy (second). 400m – Jordan McLean (second), Hanna Sigfusson (fourth). 800m – Mataya Rideout (third), Jordan McLean (fourth). 1500m – Mataya Rideout (second), Jordan McLean (third). Relay – Fox Run (second).

Grade 8 boys

High jump – Max Arnold (fourth). Long jump – Dylan Hilman (first). 100m – Max Arnold (first), Chasten Snelgrove (third). 200m – Max Arnold (first), Chasten Snelgrove (second). 400m – Chasten Snelgrove (first), Everett Jefferies (second). 800m – Everett Jefferies (fourth). Hurdles – Dylan Hilman (second), Burkley Theriault (fourth). Relay – Fox Run (first).

Grade 8 girls

Discus – Ally DeJonge (second), Ashley Demarsh (fourth). 100m – Megan Steenbergan (first), Megan Cressey (fourth). 200m – Megan Steenbergan (first), Brandy Steinman (third). 400m – Megan Steenbergan (first). 1500m – Kamryn Mollins (second), Mona Attila (fourth). Hurdles – Brandy Steinman (first), Megan Cressey (second). Relay – Fox Run (first).

In individual competitions the following Cody students were successful.

Grade 9 boys

Discus – Liam Pafford (third), Jonny Payne (fourth). Long jump – Nicholas Haworth (second). Triple jump – Nicholas Haworth (third). 100m – Tristen Koller (fourth). 400m – Michael Smyth (second). 800m – Michael Smyth (third). 1500m – Josh Howse (second), Logan Munce (fourth). Relay – H. J. Cody (second).

Grade 9 girls

Shot put – Alyssa Cosuta (second), Leah Hagel (third). High jump – Shyrina Tarnasky (second). Triple jump – Kierston Lewandowski (fourth). 50m – Erin Bryenton (first), Kierston Lewandowski (second). 100m – Erin Bryenton (second). 200m – Erin Bryenton (first). 400m – Abby Tucker (third). 800m – Abby Tucker (third). Hurdles – Kierston Lewandowski (second). Relay – H. J. Cody (third).