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Lakers show strength and determination in win over Wildcats

The HJ Cody Lakers took on the Stettler Wildcats last Thursday, with both teams fighting for the right to carry on to the finals
Skylar Selk of the HJ Cody Lakers advances with the ball in high school football action against the Stettler Wildcats last Thursday. The Lakers won 56-24.

Jackie Larocque

The HJ Cody Lakers took on the Stettler Wildcats last Thursday, with both teams fighting for the right to carry on to the finals in league playoffs.

The teams went head to head and line to line at the start of the game, with each team testing each other’s strength and determination. Alas, the Lakers proved stronger and more determined with Tyrese Hamilton gaining the first touchdown early in the first quarter. Landon Rosene skipped over the line for a second touchdown shortly after.

The Lakers defense slammed and tackled, preventing the Wildcats from gaining any foothold for a chance at a touchdown.

Then the Wildcats fumbled.

Dylan Keller snagged the fumble and bolted for the end zone, leaving the Wildcats in his wake.

Over the line for yet another touchdown.

With Seth’s amazing kicking attaining all the conversions, the Lakers went into the second half leading 21-0.

The Wildcats dug in their claws to clash with the Lakers during the second quarter. Skylar Selk, unable to pass to a Laker, zipped around all the cats for a two-yard touchdown. And the magic foot of Seth yet again made the conversion.

Back and forth play ensued, but the Lakers defense prevented any touchdowns for the second quarter.

Going into the second half, the Lakers led 28-0.

The second half of the game proved to be exciting. Kyle Eckenswiller was picking passes throughout the quarter. Sulley Larocque managed a pick as well.

The Lakers let down their guard and the Wildcats leaped at the opening for their first touchdown, coupled with a two-point conversion to bring the score to 28-8.

Liam Hoven and Ryan Arnold looked like a smash-up derby as they hit each other head-on. After a few minutes on the ground, both recovered their senses.

Stettler again saw their moment and ran another touchdown, a two-point conversion bringing the score to 28-16 going into the fourth quarter.

The Lakers shook it off with Skylar passing to Tyrese Hamilton for a 60-yard touchdown. And with the conversion, the score was 35-16.

Dylan Keller and Chase Elwood teamed up for some sandwich tackles. Brandon Tweed and Andrew Rush refused to allow any Wildcats through the line. Austin Ilcissin succeeded in putting pressure on the quarter back forcing him to throw, allowing Kyle Eckenswiller to continue picking passes.

Skylar passed off to Landon Rosene and he was gone up the sideline for a 63-yard touchdown. Yet again, Seth made the convert bringing the score to 42-16.

Not to be out done, Stettler ran a 70-yard touchdown with another two-point conversion bringing the game to 42-24 halfway through the final quarter.

Mucking about at the end zone, Skylar rifled the ball to Joshua Howse waiting in the end zone. Everyone held their breath, releasing it with a cheer as Joshua caught the pass for yet another touchdown. The successful convert brought the score to 49-24.

With the clock ticking, the pressure mounted, and each team tried to get that last touchdown before the siren went off. Liam Pafford, Grayson Herder, Brandon Tweed and Josh Rideout worked like a wall giving Skylar time to aim and fire the ball to Tristan Koller.

Tristan got 40 yards for the last touchdown of the game. Of course, Seth got the convert.

The game ended with the Lakers winning 56-24.