Local skateboard enthusiast shows his tricks in competition

Skateboarders and scooter enthusiasts gathered at Incline Industries Indoor Skate and BMX Park this past weekend

Skateboarders and scooter enthusiasts gathered at Incline Industries Indoor Skate and BMX Park this past weekend to compete and socialize with their friends.

Twelve competitors were registered in the skateboarding event, most being from Red Deer, with Brock Lakeman, 14, being from Sylvan Lake.

Even though Brock was the only skateboarder from town he said he had a lot of fun competing, doing different tricks and having the chance to skate with his friends from Red Deer.

“It’s actually a lot of fun because all my Red Deer friends are really good. I can always go to the out door skate park there and hang out with them there,” he said.

Skaters were timed and evaluated during the competition, however the atmosphere remained relaxed.

Brock said the best part of the competition was being with his friends and being able to laugh it off and not care if he landed a successful trick or not.

“It’s about having fun,” he said.

Even amongst all the fun, music and noise Brock said skateboarding is a real workout and not just simply ‘rolling around’ like so many believe it to be.

Last year Brock competed in this same competition where he won first place and a few years ago he skated in Shake The Lake.

For Brock, skateboarding is a hobby, something he does every day after school at the indoor park for a couple of hours and then goes home to relax.

Depending on how hard he skateboards it can be a real workout or sometimes he takes it easy and doesn’t break a sweat.

At the competition, Brock said he was more nervous about competing in front of everyone. It wasn’t a big deal to be skateboarding with his friends.

“I’m glad it’s in my home town so it’s not as scary,” he said.

Amongst the family members watching was Brock’s father, Doug Lakeman.

Both of Brock’s parents are supportive of his love for skateboarding and say they have loved watching him improve over the years.

“It’s nice to watch his skills grow as he gets older,” Doug said.

He added his son has been exposed to skateboarding from a young age, as his older brother was a skateboarder too.

“Brock was kind of always around it,” Doug said. “From the backyard or even in the kitchen he has been playing around on them.”

When it comes to gear, Doug said he couldn’t possibly count how many skateboards Brock has gone through.

Doug said how even though Brock has been the young one of the crowd he has done quite well skating with older competitors.

“I’m glad he’s an active kid and gets out and keeps up with his skateboarding,” Doug said.

Brock is also into snowboarding with his dad adding his son enjoys anything to do with a board.

“It’s a pretty big passion of his,” Doug said. “He spends a lot of time doing it and I’m glad he has something that he enjoys.”