Nauticals swim in the Catalina Valentine invitational

Nautical coaches Sharon and Trevor Burns took 30 girls and seven boys ranging in age from six to 16 to Red Deer earlier this month.

by Kim Matthews and Pam Moore

Nautical coaches Sharon and Trevor Burns took 30 girls and seven boys ranging in age from six to 16 to Red Deer earlier this month.

In the 10 and under age group six-year-old Brielle Siminot won two personal best times, seven-year-old Capri Fraser also got two personal bests and eight-year-old Calire Weberg swam solid all weekend.

Eight-year-old Justin St. Germain received five personal bests and received a third, fourth and two six place finishes.

Eight-year-old Sarah McClelland received a personal best and Shelby Lynn Battenfelder and Trinity Brown, both eight, received two personal bests.

Nine-year-old Zoe DeJonge got six personal bests, a meet qualifying time her in her 100m Individual Medley, a 10-year-old B time in her 100m butterfly, and took home two 4ths, a 5th and 6th place ribbon.

Also in the nine-year-old category, Taylor Lunde got two personal bests, Molly Cocks, had a really strong meet, Mackenzie Siemens got three personal bests, Leightan Yablonski got three personal bests and Eden Price got five personal bests and came home with a 4th and two 5th place ribbons, Allyne Siminot got 3 PB’s.

In the 10-year-old age group Parker Bouvette got five PB’s and took home a first, two 5th and a 6th place ribbon, Asha Weaver got four PB’s and placed with a 4th, 5th and 6th, Avery Burgar had four PB’s and took home a first place ribbon. Kora-Lynn Juneau got six PB’s and a 6th place ribbon, Justice Fancie got five PB’s and a 6th place, Emily Girard got four PB’s and first in three events, a 3rd and 4th place also, along with that she earned herself a B time in her 50m Butterfly, 100m Backstroke and 100m IM. Cole Matthews got four PB’s and four 1st place ribbons, and a second and a third place.

For the 11-12 year old age group Eliana Mulholland (11) who got four PB’s and Elizabeth Moore (11) who got 2 PB’s and set 2 new club records and got her 12 year old A time in her 200m Butterfly and the 1500m freestyle and took home 1st in all of her swims, Jordan Smith (11) got 6 PB’s , Kiera Carde (11) who got 3 PB’s,Max Prier (11) who got 3 PB’s and Michael Carson (11) who got 2 PB’s and a B time in his 800m Freestyle and two 5th and a 6th place ribbon.

Sydney Bouvette (12) got 3 PB’s, Kyla Bancroft- Engen (12) got 4 PB’s, Kacey Jospesh (12) got 7 PB’s and Jayna Keast (12) got 3 PB’s.

The 13-14 year old age group had Ann Duffy (14) who got 2 PB’s and three 5th places and a 6th, Lexi Sparrow (14) got 7 PB’s and Amber Carson (14) got a PB and club record and a 2nd place ribbon.

For the 15 and over group we had Melissa Bancroft-Engen (15) who got 4 PB’s, a 4th , two 5th and a 6th place ribbon and Chase Murdoch (16) got 1 PB, three 1st and a 2nd place finish.

We were able to run 12 relay teams throughout the weekend and had a total of 53 placings in the top six. The club as a whole had a best time average of 61per cent. A great big cheer to Chase Murdoch who will be in Saskatoon this weekend to compete in the Speedo Western Championships, representing the Sylvan Lake Nauticals.