Pee Wee Buccaneers dominate in Canada Day tournament

Pee Wee Buccaneers dominate in Canada Day tournament

The Pee Wee Bucs were joined by the Bantam and both came home in first place

Sylvan Lake Pee Wee Buccaneers combined into one team to bring home the title from the recent Canada Day Tournament in Calgary.

Combining two pee wee lacrosse teams into one competitive tournament team was easy, according to Head Coach Travis Sigfusson.

The two pee wee teams from Sylvan Lake were combined from available players to make one team to attend, and win in their division, the prestigious Canada Day Tournament.

To amalgamate the teams into one, tryouts where held, according to Sigfusson.

“Most of the kids knew each other already, many of them go to school together,” said Sigfusson. “Though many had not played together before this tournament.”

Knowing each other previously helped the team to play together as an actual team and not as individuals.

Sigfusson said their ability to play as a team was areal high point during the tournament, with or without coming home champions.

“They came together really well. They were able to play as an actual team and that made all the difference.”

The built in bond came in handy for the team who went undefeated in the tournament and went on to place first and bring home a banner.

Sigfusson said it was a goal for the players to bring home a banner from the tough competition, and are excited to see it hang in the arena next season.

The actual competition the Buccaneers faced was lacking, according to the coach.

The Bucs were able to make their way through the regular play of the tournament not only winning each game but winning each period of the games.

“We won our games quite easily actually,” Sigfusson said of the normally high level of competition.

He said the other teams had a hard time keeping up with the Buccaneer’s high speed and consistent passing.

“We also had very little penalties during the games which really helped our guys play an even game,” Sigfusson said.

In the final game of the tournament, the Buccaneers once again met with the Calgary Sabrecats, a team they had beat earlier in the tournament.

Despite an easy win earlier, the Buccaneers found it difficult to stay ahead in the final.

The game was close all the way through, with many moments that could tip the game in either team’s favour.

“It was the last five minutes of the game where the winner was decided, actually.”

A win is great, and the team was excited to bring home the banner, but the tournament was about a bit more then just winning.

Sigfusson said the kids who go to this tournament get to play in a “very high level tournament” against teams from not only all around Alberta but also North America and sometimes even abroad.

Through a tournament like this the players get to meet others from all over and forge friendships.

“Lacrosse is a little different then other team sports. It’s more interactive off the court with the other teams,” said Sigfusson.

The team that went to the tournament in Calgary was made up of 15 players and an additional two goalies all from Sylvan Lake.

Along with the Pee Wee’s, the Bantam Bucs also attended the tournament, finishing their run in first place as well.

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Pee Wee Buccaneers dominate in Canada Day tournament