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Schools team up to support student volleyball

Elementary school volleyball season wrapped up at H.J. Cody

Ten volleyball teams from Steffie Woima and Poplar Ridge participated in a tournament at H.J. Cody to wrap up the season.

Principal of École Steffie Woima, Angela Eadie-Gyori suggested the idea of the high school hosting the event to Principal Mike Garrow back in October.

“We agreed that is was a wonderful opportunity to bring the schools together and [were] excited to have our communities elementary students, coaches, teachers as well as parents, come to Ecole H.J. Cody School and take part in the event,” Garrow wrote in an email.

Coach Jason Chatwood and the Grade 11 and 12 physical education students helped organize, referee and facilitate the event.

“We are so pleased to be able to facilitate this event and we embrace the potential of other community events at École H.J. Cody School,” wrote Garrow.

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