Sylvan Lake athletes brought home banner

Athletes from Sylvan Lake’s École H. J. Cody High School and École Fox Run School captured the 3J banner during the Chinook’s Edge

Athletes from Sylvan Lake’s École H. J. Cody High School and École Fox Run School captured the 3J banner during the Chinook’s Edge Northern Athletics Association track and field meet at Lindsay Thurber last Wednesday.

Following are individual results. Students in Grade 7 and 8 attend Fox Run while Grade 9 students attend H. J. Cody.

Grade 7 boys

100 metre: 1st – Chasten Snelgrove, 3rd – Kale Seelen.

200 metre: 1st – Chasten Snelgrove, 3rd – Kale Seelen.

400 metre: 1st – Everett Jefferies.

800 metre: 3rd – Dylan Hilman.

1500 metre: 3rd – Everett Jefferies.

High jump: 3rd – Dylan Hilman.

Long jump: 1st – Dylan Hilman.

Triple jump: 3rd – Kale Seelen.

Javelin: 1st – Patrick Bennett.

Shot put: 2nd – John Johanson.

Relays: 1st – Fox Run.

Grade 7 girls

50 metre: 1st – Allie Kondor.

100 metre: 1st – Megan Steenbergen, 3rd – Megan Cressey.

200 metre: 1st – Megan Steenbergen.

400 metre: 1st – Megan Steenbergen, 3rd – Bronwyn Jones.

800 metre: 1st – Allie Kondor, 4th – Brea Ives.

1500 metre: 1st – Kamryn Mollins, 4th – Allie Kondor.

Hurdles: 1st – Brandy Steiman.

High jump: 4th – Erica Stenlund.

Long jump: 2nd – Bronwyn Jones.

Discus: 4th – Daria Kostiuk.

Javelin: 4th – Lauren Wood.

Shot put: 3rd – Brandy Steiman.

Relays: 1st – Fox Run.

Grade 8 boys

100 metre: 3rd – Tristen Koller.

200 metre: 1st – Mike Smith,

3rd – Tyrese Hamilton.

400 metre: 1st – Mike Smith.

1500 metre: 3rd – Grayson Nemish.

Hurdles: 3rd – Jeryd Wold, 4th – Tristan Koller.

High jump: 4th – Mike Smith.

Long jump: 1st – Tyrese Hamilton, 3rd – Dawson Stanton.

Triple jump: 3rd – Nick Hayworth, 4th – Liam Padford

Discus: 3rd – Liam Padford.

Javelin: 2nd – Grayson Nemish.

Shot put: 4th – Liam Padford.

Relays: 1st – Fox Run.

Grade 8 girls

50 metre: 2nd – Krislee Deslaurier.

100 metre: 1st – Madison Dodma.

200 metre: 1st – Madison Dodma, 3rd – Janne Peinaar.

400 metre: 1st – Erin Bryton, 4th – Summer Larsen.

800 metre: 2nd – Lauchlyn Martins.

1500 metre: 2nd – Bailey Kentz, 4th – Lauchlyn Martins.

Hurdles: 3rd – Jordyn Shaw.

High jump: 2nd – Madison

Dodma, 4th – Jordyn Shaw.

Long jump: 1st – Krislee Deslaurier.

Shot put: 4th – Bailey Gainer.

Relays: 2nd – Fox Run.

Grade 9 boys

100 metre: 3rd – Nathaniel DiLella.

200 metre: 1st – Nathaniel DiLella.

400 metre: 2nd – Gunnar Kasha.

800 metre: 3rd – Gunnar Kasha,

4th – Dagan Slimman.

Hurdles: 3rd – Xander Plante.

High jump: 4th – Aaron Mietenen.

Long jump: 2nd – Wyatt Bosse.

Triple jump: 4th – Cam McBain.

Discus: 2nd – Chase Elwood.

Javelin: 1st – Braden Bystrom.

Relays: 1st – H. J. Cody.

Grade 9 girls

50 metre: 2nd – Bryanna Cressey.

100 metre: 1st – Bryanna Cressey.

200 metre: 3rd – Bryanna Cressey.

Hurdles: 4th – Emma Kooiman.

High jump: 3rd – Callie Seib.

Long jump: 3rd – London Heninger.

Discus: 2nd – Erika Marshall, 4th – Maddie Prelle.

Javelin: 2nd – Erika Marshall, 4th – Jayde Hambley.

Shot put: 3rd – Erika Marshall.

Relays: 4th – H. J. Cody.

The H. J. Cody team included Emma Kooiman, Wyatt Bosse, Kassidy Glasgow, Xander Plante, Bryanna Cressey, Nathaniel DiLella, Emily Hermanutz, Gunnar Kasha, Megan Meier, Dagan Slimman, Hannah Edgecombe, Chase Allen, Ceanna Muller, Devyn Blondheim, Erika Marshall, Jared Winder, Harley Earl, Chase Elwood, Maddie Prelle, Zach Kostiuk, Jayde Hambley, Braden Bystrom, London Heninger, Logan Armstrong, Callie Seib, Cam McBain, Anna Carlson, Taylor Diebert and Aaron Miettenen. Team members all finished in the top four of their event at the school’s track meet May 28.