Sylvan Lake Skippers now open to adults; kids registration full

A new skipping club in Sylvan Lake has quickly garnered membership with strong numbers

A new skipping club in Sylvan Lake has quickly garnered membership with strong numbers as it prepares to enter its second year.

Sylvan Lake Skippers, led by coaches Bruce and Cynthia Morton, met for the club’s first session of the year this week, with kids and adult classes taking place at École Fox Run School yesterday and tomorrow (Friday), respectively.

Following a successful inaugural season, Cynthia Morton is again expecting another busy year for the club.

“Our very first session in the summer of last year was absolutely amazing,” she said. “We had over 20 kids registered, and this session is going to be our biggest session yet with nearly 30 kids.”

While the already fully booked kids session is back by popular demand, the adult session is new, and is aimed at “anyone who wants to lose weight, keep in shape, or even just to have a little bit of fun”, according to Morton.

“Our adult club is strictly adults only,” she said. “There are no children allowed. This way they can get away not only to enjoy something that their kids enjoy, but without the prying eyes of kids.”

The activity may also appeal to adults who have trouble finding time to go to the gym, she added.

“I understand how hard it is to try and get out,” she said. “(Skipping) is a great form of exercise.”

The Mortons began the club last year after they witnessed their own children using improper techniques while skipping outside.

Having previously been in a skipping club, Cynthia Morton felt it would be wise to enrol her own children in one, before learning that no such club existed in Sylvan Lake.

It was then that she and her husband decided to start their own.

Their classes comprise a mixture of both girls and boys, and are often split into two groups: one for experienced skippers, the other for those new to the activity.

Skippers then advance through levels, and with progress become more adept at carrying out trickier feats.

“We start with the basics, making sure you know how to safely turn the rope without hurting yourself, and making sure that you understand how to keep your feet and legs in proper posture so you don’t get hurt,” said Morton. “Then later, we go into tricks and crossovers, and of course those are a lot more advanced.”

The club only has a few students at that advanced level. Morton hopes there will be more by the end of the next session.

Although skipping provides many benefits to a person’s physical health, having fun is Sylvan Lake Skippers’ primary goal. According to Morton, it’s one the club has been able to achieve.

“We have an awesome bunch of kids. They are so phenomenal,” she said. “We hand out awards as they come, but we definitely don’t push it.

“It’s more about having fun that anything.”

While registration for kids’ classes is now closed, registration for adult classes is ongoing. The latter are also open on a drop-in basis, although, for health and safety reasons, registration in advance is preferred.

Both classes will be held once a week for the next seven weeks.

For more information, contact Morton at 403-887-7808, or visit