You have no idea what I’m talking about

I often forget a key fact. I am a freak. I am also surrounded by freaks.

I often forget a key fact. I am a freak. I am also surrounded by freaks.

You see, we love to exercise and we forget that most people do not. We have been at this so long that it feels normal but for many people, exercise is a chore a thing you ‘have to do’, rather than a thing you ‘want to do’. It’s really important for fitness nuts to realize this and for me too when I am writing this article for you each week.

Most people exercise to lose weight or be healthier and that’s great. But that group of people, some studies say up to 75% of exercisers, quit and fall off the wagon a much more than the other part of the group, the ones that exercise because it’s fun and they like it.

I came to exercise from the ‘have to’ side and turned in to the ‘love to’ side. I was overweight and out of shape after 13 years at a desk job in architecture. I joined a gym because my doctor told me I would be dead soon if I didn’t. Now I can’t stand it when I’m not able to exercise or move.

Being broken from the crash in November has really been hard but as soon as my doctor said I could run, I wrapped my broken shoulder and arm in a brace and ran. It felt like being able to breathe again  magical and wonderful, the blue sky, the birds, the feeling of movement.

I have lost some of you again haven’t I? Sorry. To many people running for two hours would be awful, painful and horrible. So to talk of the joys means I have forgotten where you might be at.

What if you thought of exercise as a gift? It really is an amazing gift you know. It is the way we were designed we were supposed to move. Sitting all day is one of the worst, most toxic things we do.It causes back problems, heart problems, circulation problems and so much more.

We need to move. So all you need to do is create the opportunity. Park far away from work or the mall. Take the stairs, walk when on the phone, etc. One of my favourite clients got a walking treadmill in his office and now does long walks while he orders supplies and inventory for his store. It will save his life.

It can be as simple as getting a dog and taking it for a walk twice a day.

Did you know that work is harder when you don’t exercise? All work. Doesn’t matter what you do. If you are not exercising, it is harder to think, harder to reason, harder to solve problems, you have less energy, stamina and effectiveness. You are also sick more often, and when you do get sick, it lasts longer and hits harder.

A little exercise ramps up your immune system, your energy levels, increases metabolism, helps you sleep better and helps with mental clarity. It doesn’t have to be a tonne of exercise either, just a 30minute class or a 20 minute walk. Even if you stopped work for four minutes and did 50 body weight squats every day, you would feel the benefit. Exercise makes the blood have more oxygen which feeds the brain, the heart, the muscles, the organs and everything gets better.

I know, I am rambling on about my passion again sorry, but what if you drank a little more water today. Moved your body a little more than yesterday. Ate a little more healthy food? Then my weird obsession with being healthy would be good for something and I hope that’s the case.

Happy Training!

Scott McDermott